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Owning land is an investment you will never regret.

Investing in something that doesn’t deteriorate in value can help secure your future. It's one of the many reasons why we love real estate.

Here are a few wonders of owning land on St. Croix:

  1. Development opportunities. Sky’s the limit when you own land. Choose between building a home, opening a farm, starting a business - you name it. There are of course zoning requirements that you have to be aware of, but that's why working with a REALTOR® is so important. Not only does zoning tell you what you can do with your land, it also holds pertinent information as to how you can build on your land as well. You also have to be aware of the Covenants and Restrictions and any Homeonwers Associations that may be active. These also dictate what you can do with and on your property.

  2. Freedom and privacy. If you prefer to roam around the house without your neighbors seeing your business, build a fence around your space. It’s yours to decide on. Plus, St. Croix is known for its large parcels of land so you have the opportunity to own something magical. It is very normal for people to own half acres or more, which is different than city living.

  3. Environmental benefits. Owning land can allow you to contribute to environmental conservation efforts, such as preserving natural habitats or planting trees. One of the first questions we usually get as we show property is what kind of fruit trees are on the property. St. Croix's rich soil produces lovely fruits and vegetables without even trying. However, the eastern end of the island is drier than the Western end so you will want to take that into account if you want to try your hand at farming. Either way, there is something special about being able to walk on your property and eat fruit from your trees.

These are just a small part of the infinite possibilities land ownership can offer.

Currently, we have around 10 active land listings. If you want to start investing in one, we’re here to help.


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